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Monday, February 13, 2017

Just a few and the many


The main thing is just that - to live with simple wholesome faith in Hashem and His True Tzadikim and do the best we can in following their directives. Unfortunately the majority of the world is heathen, a very small percentage monotheistic, a minute percentage believe that the One G-d is who Israel declares One, and an even tinier infinitesimal few follow the True Tzadikim that HY blessed us with to show us the way and Glorify HY. Rabbi Nussun revealed that Amulaik allows for even great erudite holy rabbis to abound to proliferate their remarkable achievements - all so that the people will not discover and connect to the true tzadikim, and then you have people that would rather put their faith in scientists GF.... but B"H in recent times HY allowed Rabbainu his will to reveal the Future Song of Redemption which renews the world with faith - meaning in part that this song reveals and makes ostensible the Divine Providence - one begins to see the Measure for Measure in his own life and all around him, and begins to see that nature is a puppet to Hashem's correspondence with him and all His creation. The sheer magnitude of the power of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is unfathomable and we will sing it with the coming of the Messiah, as the whole creation ascends to Crown Hashem Yisburach as the One and Only True God and Existence as He is reflected in all the different myriads of myriads of creations - principally the souls of Israel - and cumulative in the soul of the tzadik. Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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