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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Missionaries - don't speak to them period!


Sefer Hamidos ("Distancing the Wicked" 17):
ספר המדות - הרחקת רשעים יז: אל תדבר עם המסיתים אפלו להוכיחם ולקרבם.
Do not speak to seducers (missionaries), even to chastise them or bring them close (to repent).

Question is if there are loopholes and leniencies to this, because we find for example that Rabbainu said (- ibid item #6): One who judges a wicked person favorably is also called wicked. Yet we know that Rabbainu said at a different occasion how is it possible to consider a Jew so wicked that it is inconceivable to judge him favorably?! Every Jew has some point of good, and from viewing the person from that point one can turn that person around completely to the good. So can that be done for a missionary?

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