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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Theodore Hertzel (Shem Rishuim Yirkav) gets a definite sign of rectification -- coronated with a Nanach Beanie!


Good old theodore who wanted the Jews to convert G-d forbid, but actually had a hand in Jews returning to Israel seems to have come to some rectification -- Heaven has provided for his statue to be adorned with the crowning of a Nanach beanie, now standing proudly on his head for over 3 weeks!!!

(My friends point out the we find in the sefer hu-ruchos misapros (the book the Spirits Tell Over) that even Yeshu (Yimach Shimo, may his memory be obliterated -- j.c.) received some sort of rectification)

It took some mesirat nefesh to get the beanie (kippah) up on his head, daring rappelling, and it now serves as a beacon of light shining out over the major busy highway that it commandeers.

The beanie is comprised of two huge stickers, one for each side, each over a meter long!

For many years the Nanach dreamed of having good old theodore donning the Nanach beanie, but only two days before the Israeli Elections did they merit to see the day. The Nanach believe that this is a sure sign that theodore has at least made it to hell (because most wicked don't even know they are dead to gain entry to hell). May he merit to continue and keep up the good work!

כיפה נ נח על ראש פסל טיאדור הרצל

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