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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spiritual Orga*m


The holy Torah reveals that a person binding his (/her) soul to the One Merciful G-d can have many different experiences. G-d presents Himself in the world in both a feminine and masculine attitude. The feminine presence, is the Divine Presence known as the Shechina which "rests" in the world -- the Glory of G-d, the Jewish People of Israel as a whole are a reflection of the Shechina. The masculine presence, the husband of the Shechina, is the hand and spirit of G-d emanating and projecting from Above. The Tzadik incorporates and plays the role as a chariot and vehicle for the masculine, and directly fertilizes the Shechina, cultivating her and providing her with her every need. Those who have attained such a status will not be needing to read my whimsy words.

Although the Shechina is a feminine presence, that is only with regard to the Spiritual worlds above, but with regard to the worlds underneath it, the Shechina plays a very masculine role providing and taking care of the universe as we know it. Therefore when a person binds himself to the Divine, if he is deserving he will experience the presence of the Shechina, the Shechina will be projecting to him, which means that the person will be on the receiving end, just as a female receives from a male. If the person manages not only to bind himself, but to actually achieve an encounter of complete relationship to the satisfaction of a complete devotion, there will be a spiritual orga*m. For males this will take more time and devotion to master, because men in their physical role are designed to experience the spontaneous gratification which culminates with very tangible expression, which is not going to be forthcoming spiritually. It will take them much time to even realize they have achieved a strong relationship. Whereas women, physically do not so much aim for and definitely do not depend on a dramatic clima*, but rather grow and develop their feelings with intensity, warming and getting hotter, all the while basking in the pleasure of what is being done to/with/for them. Therefore women have an outright advantage in achieving meaningful union with the Divine. They are more at home and natural to this relationship. This could be working reasoning to what our Sages revealed that Sarah's prophecy was superior to her husband's - Abraham (of course this is only with respect to the Shechina, whereas Abraham's main role would be as the tzadik, which attends to the Shechina). When a man to feel tears spurting from his eyes he will not naturally associate that with orga*m, but a woman will revel and delight even as if reacting from physical stimulation.

May the Glory of G-d be revealed to the whole world, may we merit to bask in His Presence!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

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