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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ramchal's One infinite vessel

Tonight, yesod she-bi-yisod, is the hilula of the Ramchal (acronym Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto). He brought many souls to Nanach, including myself. When I read his work "daas tevunos" (realizing knowledge of understanding) I was an extremely diligent yeshiva boy very much ingrained in the Yeshiva philosophy, this work made a huge dent in my belief in their system. It was such a huge game changer - I understood distinctly that a person can excel and master the whole Talmud, and not realize the enormous revelation of this holy awesome work. From then on I intensified my search, concentration, and focus on finding out the important things in life. This is in fact what "Torah Lishmu" (Torah for the Sake of the Shechina), as Rashi in two places in the Talmud says explicitly that this is the intent to find the secrets of the Torah. On all of this I would need to go to great lengths to explain, but here is not the place or time.

It's been many many years since I've reread this holy work, and I can not do full justice or take responsibility of accuracy. Arguably the main point of the work is to show how G-d created the world to reveal His unity, as this allows for the manifestation of all the possible levels of non-unity, where as any other attribute only shows a clear expression of it's positive existence but not of it's ineptitude. E.g wisdom manifests itself at many levels, but there is no measure for stupidity, it is just the absence of intellect, whereas G-d's Unity is just the opposite, His unity is infinite and cannot be fathomed, but every type, form, and amount of unity clearly manifests itself, and thus can be used as a handle of showing some level and perception of G-d's unity. as negative vessels, to reveal that there is only The One Infinite. These vessels show that after every possible force, virtue, or anything achieves maximization, it is nothing, there is just G-d. The evil was created to show that as much as it can even look as prevalent, a rock to big for its creator, it can even give such an impression, and this too is nothing, for the reality is the One Infinite G-d. The infinity of G-d can not be shown in itself, it is impossible to show the infinity of 1, so G-d showed every possible venue, and the more realization of how they have no existence outside of G-d, the more realization of the infinity of G-d Himself.

Some people find this hard to understand, and that's reading it from the clear writing of the Ramchal, so don't go hard on yourself if you don't get my one paragraph synopsis written 15 years after reading the original. But it's the best I can give you for now.

The Ramchal himself reveals, and this is something the Baal Shem Tov really drove home, that all of the Kabbala, all the worlds, are in Man. When sitting before G-d, you gotto let G-d take over. Contemplate how all your limbs are inverse vessel (vessels that don't hold things inside of them, but rather like a dot which holds everything around it) screaming the ultimate presence and realization of G-d. If you could do this, you will be one very happy camper, fortunate is your lot in this world which is already the next world.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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