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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yoke of Heaven -- way to freedom


The Zohar reveals that the Yoke of Heaven actually serves to make things easier. A bird is free to fly if it can get off the ground. An engine can propel an object with great speed to its destination, but if the object is not directed, then it will just spin out of control. Fear of Heaven is the first gate to literally set one's soul flying in the spiritual worlds, one has to know how to harness himself properly in its yoke, and then can take off.

After writing this B"H I was blessed with further insight.

Fear of Heaven <Yiras Shumayim/Hashem> is the aspect of the woman, as the verse says 'eesha yiras Hashem', the woman's position is below the man, as 'malchus' is the final sfirah and mate to all the 9 sfirot. Malchus is 'ani' - I. When a person fears Hashem, there is a definite sense of identity, this person is fearing Hashem. This is firm rooting in the ground (also aspect of the female).
Keter - crown, the highest sfira, which is the emanator, is 'ain' <complete abnegation>. The crown is also the ultimate aspect of the woman of valor, as the verse says, "a woman of valor is the crown of her husband".
It is known (Zohar and other holy books, also see the letter of the Ramban) that through fear of Heaven, which is considered the aspect of the heel, one can come to humility, the aspect of the crown.

By embedding oneself in the malchus, which would seemingly ground him, on the contrary he completes his identity, and can abnegate himself even to Keter - the crown, divesting himself completely of all ego or credit, projecting only the malchus of the ein sof.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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