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Friday, May 1, 2015

This weeks haftora (-actually a few verses after...) -- strong admonishment of the false rabbis who destroy the Jewish people


See the verses yourself from the Prophet Yechezkel chapter 45 (The Haftora is from chapter 44)

ב"ה הפטרה לפרשת השבוע - פרשת אמור - הנביא יחזקאל פרק מד -- עיין בפסוקים של ההמשך - פרק מה

ולא יונו עוד נשיאי את עמי והארץ יתנו לבית ישראל לשבטיהם. כה אמר אדנ"י אלקים רב לכם נשיאי ישראל חמס ושד הסירו ומשפט וצדקה עשו, הרימו גרשתיכם מעל עמי נאם אדנ"י אלקים.

Once when I was by the holy tomb of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman  MeUman I was reading and learning the prophet Yechezkel and came to the verses which bombast the fake charlatans leaders, and I saw that one such character (some know him as the kangaroo) sat at the end of the very row I was in, sitting between me and the holy tomb. Noting the Divine Providence I raised my voice and faced this goon while I belted out the verses, to my delight the guy picked himself up and left the tomb! A long time after, I met one of the guys followers who told me that the guy didn't want to make a confrontation so he left.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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