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Monday, April 11, 2016

Ohr Hatzadik

The Friedman twins and others are back in Bais Yisroel right in the heart of Mir territory, they have a Bais Medrash as a whole floor of a dira. They put out a two sided page every week in Yiddish, and once put out a full glossy magazine in Yiddish. All the boys contributed. Recently they published 57,000 leaflets of Torah II:48, and they made a printing of pocket Meshivas Nefesh. Occasionally they make a Shabbos in Mitzpe Yiricho 50 shekel, they invite many speakers who are somewhat non gracias, but they keep it at that. They also give 20 shekel for an hour of learning in the early morning to attract more boys. So just noe I gave them about 20 of the new english stories we put out for distribution.
May HY bless their enterprise to be completely in the light of NNNNM.

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