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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The poor rich society of Parshas Mitzoara - lepers

Every time he comes its fair to say 50 people confront him asking him for charity, after all he claims that he bought ... for tens of millions, but unfortunately he has nothing to give them, and that is not something he can deal with. So this time bringing a larger group than I've seen with him he made sure to procure the services of P. the chussid of the rabbi just caught by interpol, who arranged for the group to sit outside of the camp, and he stood guard like in the story of the Prayer Leader that the ones who worshipped wealth had guards.

Gaichazi who had leprosy for asking money from Naaman, and later when he discovered that Aram who was seiging Israel had deserted leaving all their wealth and provisions, eventually stopped his own private pillage and alerted the nation.

Maybe there is yet a chance for these privileged elite, and may they merit to come again, and generously give the few dollars to keep the paupers at bay, without having to resort to leprosy and security.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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