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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


One of the most highly regarded works in Brisk and the Yeshivos is the Minchas Chinuch (my father gives lectures on this book, and many have been recorded and are available online on frumtube or koshertube), which analyzes the mechanics of the mitzvos. Very, very often the Minchas Chinuch presents different approaches and in order to show why and how it actually makes a difference which way you see it, he resorts to the case of a tumtum (se**al organs covered and unknown) and androgeenus (having both)- where according to one approach such people would be obligated and according to the other approach they would be exempt, or vice versa.

So maybe all the learning of the Minchas Chinuch was instrumental in an oblique way to the sexual mayhem prevalent today, or as a true yeshiva person would say: If people would be learning more from the Minchas Chinuch, the world would be spared the craziness of people actually going that way.

There could be another facet. For time immemorial the world was led to believe that learning Torah is more important than prayer. In recent times Rabbi Nachman has made it abundantly clear that prayer - for spirituality - is much higher. Torah is the aspect of the male, and prayer is the aspect of female. So now that the world is make the transformation, and shifting its focus to favor prayer over Torah, this effects all the echelons of society, ultimately bringing severe identity crisis and issues to some of those more prone to confusion, may the Holy Merciful One spare us and save us and redeem us very soon.

Na Nach Nach Nachman MeUman! 

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