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Friday, August 11, 2017

Blossoms of the Spring - Letter 6 and 6a

Letter 6

BH 27 Adar 718 (Wednesday 19 March, 1958)

In honor of the delight of my eye and my heart Mr. Zalman Shazar, greetings ("abundant peace").

On the night of Purim I visited his house. And his[1] refined sister received me with joy, and offered me Purim beverages, I drank a lichaim ("to life" -cheers), and I blessed him and his house from the depth of (my) heart. I was pained that I didn't encounter him. For I had bountiful urgent words. Just this was my consolation, that he will return home soon, and I will merit to get together with him with love and with joy…

Hereby, I am sending him some excerpts from the matters that I am working on publishing organized nicely.
With longing, and wishing well-being for him and all those associated with him.

Yisroel Dov Odesser – By Zalman Odesser – Tiberius

I merited to visit Mr. A. Steinman, I enjoyed very much seeing a man with a noble spirit.
He received me with true joy and great friendliness.
The same one as above.

Here in the Hebrew book, there is a photocopy of a short thank you letter:

BH 13 Nissan, the 3rd day of Chol Hamoed Pesach, 718

In honor of Mr. Z. Shazar, the good and the pleasant, abundant peace and salvation

At this time ("hour") I received his (good?) letter with a check attached to the amount of 100 li. (one hundred liras). Amazing wonders, from such wondrous Divine Providence in the aspect of a miracle. And it was very greatly pleasing to me, the affection he showed to me through this.
I express abundant thanks and blessings from the depth of my heart and soul, he is inscribed in my heart from afore, and I don't distract my consciousness of him. My eyes are constantly turned to Hashem (Psalms 25:15) in prayer and supplication for him.
I request his pardon for the delay of my response, because it is just now that I received it.
With wishes of well-being and feelings of respect and eternal love, and with the joy (?) of the holiday
Yisroel Dov Odesser

Please give over hearty wishes of well-being to his sister, the righteous, the wise, G-d fearing, with pure heart, and good intellect, she should live for length of days, pleasant, succulent, and fresh.

[1] Written in the respectful third person.

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