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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Blossoms of the Spring - the makings


Saba befriended Zalman Shazar who went on to become the president of Israel. Saba wrote to him the most powerful letters existent in Breslov, and Shazar greatly valued, treasured and appreciated Saba's friendship and letters. Many of the letters thank Shazar for very generous contributions. Shazar also Shazar saved Saba from the hatred of the haradim in the knesset who wished to banish him from his occupancy by Rabbi Meir Bal Hanais in Tiberius, securing him his own apartment there for the duration of his life. Shazar also began to partake in the Breslov kibutz - get together on Rosh Hashana -- which took place in Israel because Uman was still closed then. Some of the zealots of Breslov who were very anti-zionists had a very hard time dealing with his presence and they made a ruckus, and Shazar didn't see anyway he could remain attending without sending people to jail and so forth. Shazar was very instrumental in the building of the Breslov shul on Meah Shearim.

Shazar himself gathered 32 of the letters and published them in a book he entitled Ebay Hanachal - Blossoms of the Spring, Ebay, being the acronym: Yisroel Ber Odesser, and Nachal a known referent of Rabbi Nachman.

Saba praised this book tremendously. Saba said whoever reads Ebay Hanachal is a Breslover Chusid, and many other high praises.

 Eventually many more letters were published, and now there are all types of versions abounding.

So faced with the task of translating the letters I opted to use a fairly new edition of Ebay Hanachal - which is solidly based on the actual letters - even offering photocopies of many of them.

These original letters were released by the official secretary of the knesset, someone named Sabowski (something like that). The actual letters are stamped with time dates for every time the letter was requested by Shazar!!! However the secretary stipulated that these times stamps remain secret, and they were photoshopped from the original letters.

In addition to these full and proper letters, there was a fair sized bag full of fragments of papers - with Saba's writing in a similar style to the letters of Ebay Hanachal. A fraction of these have been printed in the edition I am using, as volume three. Some of theses fragments are actually presented in full letter form in the other editions - and I do not know how that came about.

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