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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Seeds of Hope - a powerful parable of why to be happy despite anything


Once a upon a time, in the near future, a group of friends discovered a way of mutating all the cells so that they became much stronger and invincible from viruses and the like, it also enhanced many other facets of life, promoting enormously more intelligence, creativity, happiness etc.. The friends set to work and built their own little society where they cultivated this with tremendous success, and thus they lived an extremely good life. They then decided the time had come to share the wealth, and help out all the rest of mankind, so they wished to send one of them to the outside world to set the positive mutations in progress. All the emissary would have to do is live, breath, and interact, and inherently his molecular structure would spread and take hold of his surrounding. No one wanted this job, to have to leave the extremely good life to descend to the miserable standards of the rest of the world. Even still one person was selected, probably the strongest of them, and sent off. This person suffered tremendously in his new surroundings, he had been used to such excellence and now he was utterly confounded. This was very depressing and even debilitating. A message was sent to him from his friends - what you are doing by just being there, none of us can achieve no matter, depressed or whatever, just by being there you are effecting the most amazing rectification possible.

So it is with the Jewish soul in this world. As much as it suffers and is distraught in this foreign atmosphere, just by being here it is effecting the most incredible rectification possible that no spiritual entity no matter how high and powerful can effectuate. So be happy, be Nanach!

When one is happy the process is infinitely more powerful and effective...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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