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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Real Daas - realization of knowledge - to overcome the exile


In Likutay Moharan (Torah 10 and 17) Rabbainu brings from the Talmud (Megila 12b) that exile detracts from a person's daas - realization of knowledge. However in the secular world they point out quite the contrary, that it is the immigrants that excel, and have brought huge progress and innovation.

So put two and two together, and gain daas... that obviously what the secular world considers success is very empty and external achievement. Sure it might be great to have more modern inventions, but ultimately they are just external, they do not touch the person himself. Real daas, is life knowledge, it is the very soul of a person...

When Yaakov went down to Egypt, he first sent ahead to establish a Yeshiva, as Rabbainu explains in Likutay Moharan (volume 2, Torah 5) - a place to gather the faith. When one is in exile it is really a manifestation of the exile of daas, and the main thing is to get a grip on that, and firmly uphold the daas. Not to get caught up in excelling in external success, which is just a further degeneration Gf, but to get to the core, to take hold of the root - grasp onto HY who is Omnipresent - and Whom is THE infinite DAAS - as He gives it over to His tzadik in His Torah.

Rabbi Nussun writes at length how real, real daas is the true realization that we are only in this world for a very brief time, and what we manage to glean from the goodness of HY, His Tzadik, His Torah, His people, His land... will be eternal.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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