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Monday, March 23, 2015

Adventures of trip to Rabbainu for Rosh Chodesh Nissan 75

The flight was leaving 6:45 am, so I went to Rosh HuAyin for the night where a friend was supposedly offering to take me to the airport. B"H got some sleep and was up for avodas Hashem but the mikva was closed and wouldn't be opening in time, so I found another mikva but it was only going to be open at 4. Meanwhile the friend said that because this was going to be the day of the elections, he was really tied up, so only if before 5 am I was stuck I should try to get to the airport myself. So I was very undecided whether to start hitching right away and forgo the mikva, B"H I got the mikva at 3:30 and then tried to hitch, after some time I realized that I wasn't standing in the best place, there were very few cars on the road, and I tried to find a better place, and all to soon it was already 5 am. So I called my friend and he said he was on his way, but after 20 minutes or so I didn't hear from him, so I called and woke him up and he said that now he was coming, but after 20 minutes or so I didn't hear from him so I called and woke him up, and this happened again. In my mind I was already coming to terms with losing the flight and trusting that all was for the best, and also trying to be strong in my faith that I HY would pull me through. More troubling was that if i missed the flight I would probably bear a grudge against this friend... One taxi wanted 150 shekel and another 130 (after I finally got a hold of them) and I had 40 shekel, and they don't take credit cards. At 5:50 my friend picked my up we got to the airport at about 6:05 when the plane was already boarding. So I ran straight to the boarding because I had done online check in, but they turned me back because I still had to get a printout and basic security, so I ran back to the check in counter, and they tell me that the flight is closed, and I see that there is a breslover already there trying to convince them to let him on. Then one of the managers who saw me running up says, you know what let them both in, but we're closing the plane on time, so it's up them to get there (about 18 minutes) -- and this in merit of the fact that we didn't have luggage just carry-on (because every bag costs like $20-40), So I run to do the intense El Al basic security, and sure enough the lady manages to trip me up, but B"H lets me go, and I proceed to run to the security check, where I have to take out my laptop from my tightly packed bag and from there on I am a flying mass of articles, because there's no time to put things together. While I'm waiting for the metal detector, I realized that I have a sitting trapped audience and I give them a full presentation about how they all have to vote today for Kulunu Chaverim Nanach Peh Tzadik, only one of the attendants gave a fight to the show, and she said, excuse me not here.... but with the utter momentum of the joy of my show I saw out of the corner of my eye, that even this attendant had to turn her face to the side and hide her laughter before trying to stop me again. They were so caught off guard, they didn't even stop me from taking in a full bottle of water, this I realized with full appreciation when I finally got to rest in my seat on the plane and thank G-d I had the water. So I got to the gate, got my ticket stub and proceeded to the plane, when I realized that I forgot to give the sales pitch to the final attendants, so I ran back, and informed them that they were all expected to vote for Rabbainu today at the elections, so one of the ladies asks me with a huge smile on her face, what about me, so I told here that I don't have voting rights, and that's exactly why they all have to vote Peh Tzadi, because if Rabbainu makes it to the Knesset maybe I'll just have to make aliya as well. Walking onto the plane I was laughing ardently with great gratitude for actually making it on the flight. So one of the chasidim says, now I know I'm on the right plane....

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