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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nanach graffiti -- new DVD


After Shabbos I received the following communication:

Hi Nanachs,

we are Veli & Amos, artists, filmmakers from Switzerland.
We met Nanach Simcha in Old Town jew years ago.We interviewed him and few other Nanach brothers about Nanach Graffitis..We finally finished with the film and we are working on the DVD now. There is gonna be small booklet inside with the different stories and characters of the film.We would like you to be part of the booklet as well, so we are asking you to write small article, text, story, quote about Nanach graffiti today. We want to know where you paint, how big can you get your name up, how high, rules in graffiti, do you have any beef? etc.You can also send us some pictures..
Deadline to send us stuff is end of this week, we know its a short notice but we believe the best things happen fast and like that its the most honest..
Please let us know.


Veli & Amos

 this is what I wrote them:

Not sure what you already have, and you can easily have found plenty of material on the web, but I'll point out a video I put up of a friend rappelling to put up Nanach on a building:

and here is a Nanach written by little girls...

In a Hebrew book I wrote called "Likutay Nanach" -- A Collection of Nanach, there is a chapter dedicated to the halacha - Jewish law regarding graffiti. According to Jewish Law everyone is obligated to be faithful law-abiding citizens, this would really curtail a lot of art. However there are many loopholes, e.g. my friend Rabbi David Cooper, a conservative Rabbi in Toronto informed me that Canadian law guarantees the write for public signs, he has successfully fought this in court. Also according to many orthodox and chasidic Jews, since it is forbidden by the Torah for Jews to have autonomy before the redemption, Israel does not have this status. Also in the Israeli elections taking place this week, G-d willing the Nanach have thieri very own political party with a complete political agenda, and with G-d's help we're going to be seeing many inroads and developments in the spread of Nanach on a government level.

There are also other questions, e.g. if your friend is sleeping and he/she is going to miss something very important, do you wake him up? Jewish law says it is forbidden to wake someone up, obviously however if a person is certain the person would want to be woken, the law would permit it, so where do you "draw" the line? If you would string diamonds on someone's front door they would probably appreciate it, and not sue you for the nails that were driven in, so who -- deep deep inside -- doesn't desire to have the awesome privilege and benefits of having Nanach on their wall? This is just a little taste of some of the considerations. Obviously the rapidly expanding Nanach cult includes souls that are escaping from the lowest dredges of society and addictions and what not, people who are literally fighting for their lives and sanity, and often these people don't really pause to appraise societies statutes and boundaries, they are driven by powers that society has unleashed upon them and they are just returning the favor, balancing the powers of evil with the powers of rectification.

In my book I also discuss some of the first occurrences of graffiti, many are familiar with the writing of the wall with Balshetzar, but not so many are familiar with the biblical story of how King David saved his life from the King of Gat by putting up graffiti in this enemey's territory. Here we see that the importance of the act even more than the message of the graffiti, howeve with Nanach obviously the main thing is the message: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Another amazing point to the Nanach graffiti is that it is a fulfillment of what King Solomon revealed in Proverbs that "the stone screams out from the wall", the Sages revealed much about just what the stones are screaming, the Nanach are certain that all of creation is screaming Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, so by tagging Na Nach on the walls the Nanach are simply giving a mouthpiece and platform for creations cry to go out into the world.

G-d tags Nanach all over the galaxy, in star formations, and in the clouds.

One of my friends Y.B. told me that he had visited Israel as a kid, he was shown the sites and had been completely uninterested the only thing that caught his fancy and piqued his interest was a Nanach tagged on a bus stop. Today Y.B. is a full time Nanach, spreading the word: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

This is all I can do for you guys on such short notice. Wishing you success in spreading the ultimate message of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!!


Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


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