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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Kabbalist Levi (Saadia) Nachmani המקובל לוי (סעדיה) נחמני על הפתק


Morris Shushan told me that he brought the Kabalist Levi Nachmani to Saba, and Saba showed him the Petek. Levi examined it and told Saba a few insights; he told Saba that according to the Petek, Saba would be making a  big trip soon --- Saba listened  to this with great interest and in fact shortly after Saba made his famous trip to America. Levi also said that according to the Petek Saba would live till 106 (Something that Saba said more than once, that he was 106, however the general consensus is that he was actually 96 years old when he passed on, and the date on his identification had been altered to save him from Turkish conscription).
There's more to the story but that's it for now

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