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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Faith in Nanach


Heard yesterday from Gavriel Levi Nanach. A.P. was praying, he was just about finished when he suddenly felt a desperate need to go to the bathroom, he quickly removed his tefilin and left them spread out on the table, and went to the bathroom, he returned immediately exclaiming how strange it was that in the end he didn't have to relieve himself at all. So our friend commenced to put on tefillin of Rabbainu Tam, and in the middle he once again felt a desperate need etc. and once again he returned quickly exclaiming how strange it was that he hadn't had to relieve himself at all.

Now he addressed the two sets of tefilin spread out on the table, they had just recently been painted over and it was very hard to differentiate between them, which were of Rashi and which were Rabbainu Tam. After much agonizing contemplation he said Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman and put together one pair and designated it as Rashi, and the other as Rabbainu Tam.

Not too much longer after (maybe a year) A.P. passed on the the World of Truth, there was some debate as to whom would receive his tefillin and one person received the Rashi and another the Rabbainu Tam. Afterwards they realized -- by discerning the threads of the Shel Rosh, that the pair designated as Rashi was in fact the Rabbainu Tam, and the Rabbainu Tam was really Rashi.

Shortly after this Asher Nanach in Los Angeles had a dream, and he called up Gavriel telling him that the Rashi tefilin were pussul! --- Comes out that A.P. by putting his faith in Nanach had saved himself from saying a non called for blessing every day (which is saying G-d's name in vane, which is likened to spilling seed GF), because he put them on as Rabbainu Tam, without a blessing. Saying a blessing on Rabbainu Tam is not a terrible grievance, and in fact some contend that the only reason why we don't make a blessing on them is because we are unworthy... -- but obviously this holy Nanach was!

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