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Friday, April 7, 2017


It is known that after Rabbi Nachman's adventurous trip to Israel he told his followers that he had paved the way for them, and from then on it would no longer be so difficult to travel to Israel. Rabbainu said that his place is only Israel! In many of his teachings he refers to the Jews as Israel, and the list goes on and on - how much Rabbainu promoted and established that the land of Israel is a critical part of Judaism.

In my book Likutay Nanach I analyze when Rabbainu may have achieved the name Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman, and I come up with a very good likelihood that he reached this amazing breakthrough when he was in Israel. See there how NNNNM is very very much connected with Israel.

In this light it is astounding to note how the year that the nations recognized Israel as the promised Jewish land - 1948, combines in it the two gematrias - numerical values of Rabbi Nachman's names:

Nachman = 148 - 1(9)48
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman
                   = 491 - 194(8) read from right to left as Hebrew 194 - 491 NNNNM!

ועיין בסנהדרין (צז:) שלח ליה רב חנן בר תחליפא לרב יוסף מצאתי אדם אחד ובידו מגילה אחת כתובה אשורית ולשון קדש אמרתי לו זו מניין לך, אמר לי לחיילות של רומי נשכרתי ובין גינזי רומי מצאתיה וכתוב בה לאחר ד' אלפים ומאתים ותשעים ואחד שנה לבריאתו של עולם העולם יתום עיין שם. והיינו 4291 - (אכן הגר"א גורס שלשים)...
נ נח

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