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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The innate prohibitive problem with movies and tv

Much has been said to explain why movies and tv are so detrimental, but even they don't address the main core of the issue, and therefore when it comes to really kosher educational media there are allowances and approval. The truth however is that the very nature of movies is harmful and the quintessential opposite of Torah values.
The Talmud extols Rav, one of the sages, praising him for never ever glancing out of his four cubits, and this virtue is an instruction enumerated and highly encouraged in the classic work Raishis Chuchma and other ethical works. In these holy texts we find a term "chaizoo (the sight) dihigh (of this) almu (world)," the Ramchal in Adir Bamurom goes so far as to say the senses we have are actually inhibitions which block the true senses of our soul! And in one of the greatest revelations of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman, the Story of Ancient Times of the Seven Beggars, Rabbainu revealed how the saints completely transcended the sensory faculties of this world. Now even though these are obviously tremendously high levels which at best we can pray for from our very remote vantage point, nevertheless they are the true reality of this world, and even if we do not see ourselves achieving their recognition it is definitely forbidden to give power and strength to the false reality. So as much as we are trapped and enslaved by the facade of this world, and we must contend with it, there is really no excuse to bring upon ourselves extraneous succor to the allusion. Such is the nature of every movie, even a very kosher and educational one, it entraps a person in the facade of the world. For the lessons we learn even with our physical senses are seeking the truth which is really imbued and transpiring, whereas a movie is really intent on the visual scenario which is the antithesis of the reality. So even when there is a good message the loss might far out way the gain.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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