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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The cancer is back in society

The great rabbi who admitted to some of the molestation he perpetrated has been released early because he is cancer.

For many years his adherents disseminated the holy name of Hashem Y-H-VH with his own determined vowels. It is known that the vowels one assigns to the holy Name bring strength to what they indicate. So knowing very well of his evil intentions the Nanach made sure to remove this influence, and I was puzzled trying to figure out what the vowels were pointing to. After much contemplation I realized that from left to right they were the start of Zimbabwe - that was around the time when the pervert was hiding out there. More recently it finally donned on me that the vowel sequence is mamash the reverse and opposite of the recommended preferred vowel sequence of yeeru - fear/awe of Hashem. This pervert was promoting the detraction of fear of Heaven GF!


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