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Monday, April 3, 2017

Moses and Our Forefathers - the Divine Throne


Our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, are the merkava (throne) of the Shechina (Divine Presence), the three legs and pillars, the right-kindness, the left-judgment, and the center-mercy.

In Likutay Moharan, Torah-lesson six, Rabbainu revealed the way to attain the aspect of the man who sits on the throne, see there.

Moses surpassed the forefathers, for even in their role as Divine channels and pillars of the Merkava, they were still just that - those very attributes, whereas Moshe achieved the ultimate humility where all the attributes are null in their inclusion in the Ain Sof blessed He.

Elsewhere we have already explained that to have true Divine qualities even one's vessels must be drawn from Hashem, for how else can one even attempt to interact with the Divine? Just like we find true tzadikim who worked for a living even though they had full faith in Hashem's Providence and Provision, they took upon themselves the role of shouldering the channel of their provision, and in their role of employment they most definitely were drawing life and function of a Divine paradigm, nevertheless even still there were tzadikim who transcended even this lofty role, and they were completely in the aspect of Shabbos where there is absolutely no work. Everything is just Gd.

It is relevant to mention here that the way of the school of the Baal Shem Tov was not to keep or hold on to any money from one day to the next, for every day Gd provides a new provision, even still Rabbainu revealed that very high true Tzaddikim have a higher way of actually holding on to their wealth, as is evident by our forefathers who were very wealthy. So even though our forefathers were obviously living in a very high level of abnegation to Hashem, so high that it was there service to Gd to hold on to their wealth and the uphold their attributes and roles (I.e. it would have been easier for them to just let Gd run the show completely, and they had such faith and abnegation to Hashem that it would have been so, but they rose to the challenge of being the Merkava for all of the Divine Providence), even still Moshe achieved such a humility that transcended this, his humility was more than the actual role of the Merkava, and this is already taking the paradigm of the throne itself, ponder and understand this.
This I believe is the secret revealed by the Ramchal in Yichud Ha'yeeru that the vowels of Yeeras, Yeeras equalling 611 with Abraham and Isaac bringing it up to 613, and then Jacob making the Ne"r, but Jacob is still on the outside, and the building of the House is with Moshe, and the vowels of Yeeru equal 46 - mem vuv - which equals 100 which we know from Yichud Hagan and elsewhere is the Name Adny (with two yuds on the alef and one on the nun). See there and understand - the very vowels of the composition of yeeru upheld by the forefathers have a deeper root in Adn"y manifested by Moshe.
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