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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ranting revelations of Amulaik

A few days ago I gave my little laptop to a technician in a store called Klik, it just needed to be rebooted with windows, the guy wanted 150 shekel, which is a little pricey for this simple task, and he said he would have it ready that day. He seemed very helpful and I was actually hopeful of the prospect of having found a technician that I could call on for all those things that always come up. He did not have the computer ready that day. The next day my friends went to pick it up, and I had them ask him to add a little program which he did before them, and they brought it to me, but when I tried starting it, it wouldn't start up, and the technician said to bring it back to him. Another day goes by (I think, can't even remember) and the technician calls me to tell me he fixed it, he said that one of the files had been deleted, and he restored it etc. and now it was good to go, and I need to pay him 50 shekel for this. "Really," I say to him, you want to go that way... and yes he really is that dishonest. So not having 50 shekel, the computer remained by him the last few days - over Shabbos.

 So this Shabbos, a guy comes over to me not pleased that I do not speak enough with people, saying that I must engage much more in sichas chaverim-conversation with friends, and he continued to ramble a long tirade, a tureent of tangential ideas, while I did my best to keep my mind focused on what I intended. And then he made my day - in the middle of his ranting, he said that klik is gematria Amulaik קליק = 240= עמלק!
(He was referring I think maybe possibly to the ability of sending a bomb with a simple click, but I'm really not sure).
Amazing! And thus I learned that my recent bout having my computer possessed by klik, is in fact a bout with Amulaik.
May HY destroy all trace of Amulaik very soon.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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