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Monday, April 3, 2017

Thank Gd we are the victims

Attributed to Rabbi Chaim Brisker (I think), there are two types of zealots, the man of the house and the cat both hunt down the mice in the house, but the man of the house wishes they were not there to begin with, and ‫the cat desires that there​ should be more and more mice.

The Ramchal in Daas Tevunos reveals the system that Hashem Yisburach enacted in creation to reveal His Unity in cumulative levels against the backdrop of divergence. This introduces a higher aspiration then the zealously coveted by Rabbi Chaim Brisker, not to simply desire that there should be no impurity, but rather to realize purity in the face of all the impurity. This concept is also found in the Legendary Tales of Rabbi Nachman,   in the story of The Humble King, where the wise man recounts to the king all the evils and the atrocitiess in his kingdom turning them around to such high praise and exaltation of the king that the king reveals himself.

Similarly, in the blessings of the morning there are three blessings on cumulative privileges based not on the actual privelege but on the elevation from the lower level.

The story is told of a holy rabbi who prepared his congregation for the approaching Nazis by telling them how fortunate they were that they were chosen to be the victims and not the perpetrators.

In the prayers we bless Gd for creating us for His glory and separating us from those who go astray. This is our merit and privilege to stand at the helm and do what we can to help others and fix the world. Even a society such as Sodom that fosters ten righteous people is demonstrative of the greatness of Gd and has merit to continue, as long as the true tzaddik is actively looking out and praying for them, and that is what we must do now.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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