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Thursday, April 20, 2017

More on the evils of the media - even kosher family rated

Previously on the blog I explained how even kosher educational media entraps a person in the matrix and facade of this world. There is an even more harmful element, the sight of evil. Today no one thinks twice about seeing all the criminals paraded in the news, and all the villains in the movies - who are very craftily made-up to resemble the evil people they are impersonating. However, the Talmud already severely warns against gazing upon the countenance of a wicked person, and this is very readily understood. The Zohar reveals the methods of physiognomy, and even those who have no conception of this science are often intuitive to it, and undoubtedly effected subconsciously, and a person's soul definitely is very in tune, aware, and perceptive of this. A person's eyes are like QR and barcode scanners, and when they see and register a face it causes a strong reaction. Studies have even shown how people tend to subconsciously imitate what they see, and thus older couples begin to resemble each other. Hence it is readily understood the strong negative, injurious, damaging, and harmful impact of the images of the media, even family rated.
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