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Monday, April 3, 2017

The strong vessels of weakness


Rabbi Nussun found out about Rabbainu roughly 11 years before Rabbainu passed away in the Hebrew year 5571. Rabbi Nussun writes in his autobiography Yimay Moharnat (the days of our teacher rabbi Nussun) article 16 of a severe weakness that gripped him and his family in the year 5567, and how Rabbainu wrote him a letter in his own hand telling how much he loved him and other encouragement, and Rabbi Nussun writes that he reckons that if not for that letter he would not have been able to endure and pull through the illness, see there.

This always strikes me very deeply, imagine knowing Rabbainu personally - the utter fire and power, hope, anticipation, expectations... and yet being incapacitated to serve Hashem, being stuck ill without any strength...

Rabbi Nussun writes there how Rabbainu predicted the approaching weakness, see there, and lately I've even entertained the idea that Rabbainu in fact chose this course, for often such are the building blocks of holy structures. May HY spare us and may we merit to everything with mercy.

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