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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The way to know Gd personally and directly

Everyone wants to really know Gd. They tried, they spoke a few words, looked for a sign a miracle, and even if they found something to keep them going, they didn't find Gd in the finite way they would have liked. What is missing?
Parable. A friend tells you he's going to hook you up with some extremely powerful people, and then he takes you to a party, and you have a great time with everyone, and you are left wondering when you're friend is going great to hook you up. But the reality is that those in the party are the powerful people, and partying with them is your connection, and if you want to make a more meaningful, direct, and personal connection you have to see these people for whom they really are, their true power, and directly approach them. According to his conception of their power, so they will in turn relate to him. If he takes them to be simple millionaires, they will respond accordingly, he can gain some business tips, small investment capital and the likes, and if he understands that they are far more powerful than simple wealthy people, holding clout in the government and in major corporate empires, he can gain lucrative and valuable contracts worth fortunes. And if he can understand that their power is even more than all that, he can get them to take him to the top.
So too with HY, everyone in the world is partying with Him, and if they play by the rules they will  thereby undoubtedly be making awesome connection with Him. However if one wishes to merit to a more direct and personal relationship and knowledge of HY he must understand who it is that he is with, and approach Him accordingly directly.
Understanding the enormity of HY is gaining the vessel to approach Him directly, and in fact as soon as one has the vessel, the light is already filling it.
Together with the understanding of HY is fear and awe and shame i.e. realization of one's own inadequacy.
Thus our Sages revealed that the gate to Hashem is fear-awe.
This is a simple principle and so profound it is considered the highest of secrets. So I will not elaborate, only understand it well and in practice and merit!
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

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