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Monday, April 3, 2017

The destroyed Rabbis

Rabbi Avrohom Kalisker of Tiberias wrote a scathing letter to the first Lubavitcher rebbe strongly questioning his motives and direction which was against the tenets of the way of Hashem set in the Zohar and by the Baal Shem Tov. Moreover he berated him for destroying his son - the up and coming mittler (middle) rebbe by setting him to be a chasidic master which would entrap him, for even the greatest tzaddikim wouldn't want such a dangerous precocious position and here this mantle was being placed upon a young helpless boy. Rabbi Avrohom Kalisker held the Baal Hatanya accountable, responsible, and culpable for this.
Rabbainu praised Rabbi Avrohom Kalisker very highly, proclaiming that he had achieved perfection, and in fact the Kalisker himself did not leave a dynasty of chasidim following some fraud.
Na NaCh NaChMa NaChMaN MeUman

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