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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Har Habayis - Temple Mount


There are many people that are very into going up onto the temple mount - Har Habayis. Even R' Shmuel Horowitz was very into this. Saba Yisroel - didn't seem to be into this at all, in all the recordings and stories I have heard from him, there is no mention of going up to Har Habayis.

The thing is, that with the building of third Temple, let it be very soon, amen, Har Habayis which previously was 500 amoas by 500 amoas, the prophet Yechezkal says it is now going to be six times larger - 3,000 amoas by 3,000 amoas, which means that anyone going to the Western Wall would be in the confines of the new Har Habayis. So why make such a big fuss of going up to the old Har Habayis (which can very well be severely forbidden - if not done properly), better to make a big fuss in showing everyone the new inclusive borders of Har Habayis - which would merit everyone....

The main thing is that there should be huge Nanach banners all over, all over the world, all over Israel, all over Har Habayis.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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