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Friday, July 29, 2016

Trip to Saba for Chag Hapetek


On the bus to Jerusalem, half way there, my comfortable empty neighboring seat was taken up by a soldier, I gave him a nice smile, but I was thinking "great" there goes that... Turns out that this Rosh Hashana Yinon made it to Uman and was privileged to hook up with Moshe Ofir and Sharon Knafo, and he was still in "oaroat" (lights.- on  a high..). He also showed me an app. moovit or something like that, might be helpful. Anyway he was very inspired and glad to learn that it was-is Chag Hapetek, and has renewed yearning to make it to Uman again for Rosh Hashana.

Then I was waiting by the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem for the 54 to take me to Har Hamenuchas, and I was Nanaching everyone, finally settling down to shmooze with a guy from the old city who remembered the last time we shmoozed six years ago, B"H.... He told me that he saw on the electric sign that the 54 was coming any minute, and we continued speaking for much longer, and he said that it wasn't showing anymore and I called egged and they told me that the bus was already long gone. Obviously this shmooze was more important, and I proceeded on foot (that was the last bus for the day), and Nanached everyone on the way, and some israeli bochurim. Finally right before the entrance to Jerusalem, I got two american bochurim (laufer and florence) from Ner Moshe, and gave them a full braiwashing session for maybe a half hour, all in the merit of being passed up by the 54. Then I Nanached everyone by the trampiade (where they hitch-tramp) and got a ride fairly quickly. Made it to Saba, had the holy tomb for myself for a few minutes (there was a guy manning the books on the road above) before a bunch of Nanach came. And Yaakov Sarusi from Petek Tikva drove me back to bus station, and I left him with a nice stash of Peteks and handful of the booklet Letter from Heaven in Hebrew.

BH today I hope to make it to R' Meir Bal Hanais - the place of the miracle of the receiving of the holy Petek.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

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