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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hasagas (conception-perception) of G-d


One of the reasons we cannot simply conceive G-d is because He is so to say to big, we don't have a vessel large enough to take Him in - no one does or can... The best we can do is make vessels, and being that G-d is everywhere - the very fabric of existence, and He just awaits an opening to reveal Himself, as soon as we make any sort of vessel, it is immediately filled. Therefore it is essential to keep pouring out words of prayer and Torah, each utterance is a concrete vessel which is immediately filled with the Divine Presence, and bit by bit we gain more and conception of HY.

Also see The Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman article 441 (brought down in Outpouring of the Soul article 48):
Once, Rabbainu o.b.m. spoke with Rav Yaakov Yosef regarding the service of Hashem, as was his practice always, and he told him a parable of a king who sent his son far away to learn wisdoms. Afterwards the son came to the king's house erudite in all the wisdoms. Once, the king commanded the son to take a certain extremely large stone (like a millstone) and carry it up to the higher floors of the house, and probably the son was unable to carry and lift the stone, because it was a very large and heavy stone. And the son was anguished for not being able to fulfill the desire of his father the king, until the king revealed to him afterwards his purport, and said to him, “Is it conceivable to you that I would command you something so arduous like this to take the stone as it is and carry it and lift it; are you able to do such a thing with your great wisdom?! Rather my entire intention was that you should take a sledgehammer and bash and break apart the stone into small pieces, and in this way you would be able to bring it up to the higher floor.” Similarly, Hashem Yisburach commanded us (Lamentations 3:41) that we lift our hearts up to hands (stretched out) to G-d in heaven, and our hearts are very large and heavy stone (heart), and it is impossible to lift by any means, just, by taking a hammer, which is speech, and through this it is possible to bust and break apart the heart of stone, and then we are able to lift it to Hashem Yisburach, and understand (this).

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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