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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Who are you, and who do you want to be?


The Zohar reveals a  huge secret, the Torah says that when Joseph saw that he couldn't get out of the seduction and grasp of the wife of Poateephar, he left his "beg'ged" - his clothing in her hands and ran away. The Zohar reveals that this "beg'ged" is in reality the most external layer of the body, which is a demon. Basically Joseph left her a plaything, a man toy, a dildo, and the rest of himself ran away. And if we follow the verses according to this revelation we see that the wife of Poateephar wasn't at all satisfied and in desire of this external superficial body, she had wanted Joseph himself.

The Zohar also reveals that Esther did not sleep with King Achashvairosh, only this very external outer layer of her body, which is a demon, Mordechai and Esther would swear, and command it by oath, to go sleep with Achashvairoash, and after it was done and returned to Esther, she would ritually immerse herself and be with Mordechai. The Ramchal in Kinaas Hashem Tzivoas explains that this demon is so external - it is just like eye makeup - that there was no interference from this activity to Esther's holiness and her  relationship with Mordechai, however even still since this layer had done this, it needed ritual immersion.

Today, unfortunately, due to our sins and the great coarseness of the world, not to mention pornography and all the allurements of the entertainment industry, alcohol, drugs - all of these things play directly and exclusively to this "beg'ged" the outer most external layer of our bodies, which has almost no real connection to who we really are, and yet we empower it and give it our full attention and give it to rule and command our lives, may the Holy Merciful One G-d save us.

We must be strong to stand up to this temptation to lust after this superficial encasing, and live true lives.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

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