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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The tremendous tikun (rectification) we accomplish when we are left incapable


In recent times it has become very prevalent that even the most highly motivated and invigorated people are often left incapacitated, whether due to purely emotional and psychological reasons or actual physical ailments, they are left helpless unable to continue being productive for any given amount of time, be it an hour, a day, week, month, year, or years. So it looks like they are just wasting their potential G"F.

So here's the kicker that the Ramchal reveals.

The Prophet Isaiah revealed the suffering that Messiah accepts upon himself. The heretics try to twist these holy prophecies to mean that the Messiah chooses to sin against HY, G-d forbid, so the Ramchal wrote a little book to plainly explain the verses and concepts correctly. The book is called Kinoas (vengence of/for) Hashem Tzivu-oas, it is printed in the classic green set of 8 volumes (B"H yesterday I ordered 10 sets, each set is about $100, and B"H two sets have been paid for, $800 to go). The Ramchal explains (see page 132 and throughout) that the construct of the Messiah and the others who suffer ailments is that due to the sins of Israel they are deprived of conception (hassagah) of shefa (bounty) of Torah which they are worthy of, and they are left without strength and goodness - because shefa (bounty) and hassaga (conception) are the same matter. And since the Messiah is weakened so too all of Israel is impoverished. In this way, the Messiah is able to mitigate the prosecution and the onslaught of the Satan, and we are able to get by.

So all those described above, that are left without strength, chances are that they are connected to Messiah, and are a part of the tremendous tikun (rectification) which he takes upon himself for the ultimate endurance of Israel.

Also see the letters of the Ramchal letter 53:
ומה שאמרתי מענין איסור הלימוד. הענין הוא, כי אף על פי שלכאורה יראה שמניעת המעשה הטוב לא יהיה תיקון - לא כן הדבר, כי זה דרך פרטי המצטרף לפעולתו, שחסרון האור והסרת כח המעשה בקמום אשר הלב חומד - תיקון גדול הוא, מתהלך בדרכים הפנימים. וכל השמדות כענין הזה היו וכו' ע"ש. (ועיין לקוטי מוהר"ן קמב).

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