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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Segregation of the Twelve Tribes the Utopian Way


Today many people believe that the twelve tribes were each extremely different ethnic groups, possibly including Japanese, Indians, Ethiopians, Spanish, and many others. Each of these groups was a full fledged tribe of Israel, and all the tribes were on equal standing (besides for the Leviites, and certain exceptions of Yehuda). There is no racism in Israel. However the Torah reveals that Hashem Yisburach desires the diversity, that each culture is an extremely necessary component in Israel, and therefor there should not be any mitigation of these distinct ethnicities, and therefore there was no mingling between them! This does not mean, I don't think, that they did not intermarry, they were certainly allowed to marry any Jew regardless of the tribe, however the marriage would not be an interracial affair, the couple would continue on completely committed and loyal to one culture (-most probably the culture of the male).

This you can learn from Rashi in Parshas Buluk (Numbers 24:10) where there is very high regard to the encampment of the tribes of Israel in such a formation that each tribe was completely segregated and there was no mingling between the tribes.

This appears to be the true approach to appreciating and respecting all races, for real, so much so that we must ensure that they each retain their uniqueness, because we need them exactly the way they are, and we don't want a melting pot of people that aren't this way or that.

There are many more homilies from our holy Sages which would seem to purport this. The Sages taught how the trees and vegetation guarded their distinct species upon creation, and the Torah forbids grafting plants or animals. Also in the future everyone will be chasidim - adherents - of "lev bussar" hearts of flesh, which the Medrash explains that this means that everyone will be revolted by the role and possessions of others wish it for himself (also see Ramchal in the 3 cornerstone of the 4 cornerstones of the Merkava who expounds on this, and in other places as well he expounds how there is no jealousy in creation, every species or status which is the designated role is what it is, that is its function in creation so there is nothing to compare it with or judge it by, it is perfect and the best exactly the way it is). There are many more such examples in the holy teachings, which all support this idea that each ethnicity has their own distinct role, and they must loyal manifest it. Offhand I can't think of any place where the Torah allocates place for people that are intermingled - not of any particular group. 

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! 

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