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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pray for your life!


Imagine you are in middle praying Shmone Esray (the standing prayer of 18/19/20 blessings) and you hear a rustling and you see a large poisonous snake between you and the door, you would start praying with all your heart, like never before. This is something we always have to visualize, because every day that passes we are attacked by the evil inclination which is the most venomous snake, and even the simple passage of time, that we let so much time slip by without true accomplishment of euphoric attachment to G-d in Divine prophecy, this itself is the a cruel bitter agonizing calamity, so we got to see these imminent dangers and really really scream to Hashem Yisburach with all we got.

Shlomo Carlbach used to tell over that the son of a big Admur (stullin or karlin) asked his father; if when he prays he is praying as if there is a Cossack standing above with with his sword stretched out over his head GF, is that sufficient. And the father the Admur answered, Yes, definitely, for the beginning, but afterwards you need to pray so much harder...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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