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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The great mercy of the politicians


Laws and policies are supposedly made for the benefit of the citizens, to make their lives safer, or better in some way. So in essence they are really born out of compassion and goodness. When a law goes against the Torah or against the will of a holy Tzaddik, in effect the lawmaker is asserting that they have more mercy on the citizens than GD Almighty himself, and His tzaddik. The tzaddik we know how he abnegated all his desires and gave himself over completely to holiness to fix the world, does not have as nearly as much mercy as this modern punk.....

Take for example the curriculum; Rabbi Nussun warns severely that it is forbidden to learn the secular studies, and he curses strongly anyone who does, come along the politicians, and they have more mercy, they are more worried and concerned about the wellbeing of children than Rabbi Nussun and Rabbi Nachman, and they say let us teach the children this toxic material so that they can make money - as if Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Nussun would have all the children be destitute their whole lives G"F.... If only this politician or whoever would have been around to enlighten Rabbi Nachman, what a loss...

Wake up idiots... no one in the world has an iota of a fraction of the mercy of the true tzadikim and it is utter lunacy to think that you or some politician has more compassion and know how to help the people.

[While we're on the topic, today I explained to one such person - who is more compassionate and in the know than Rabbainu - that even if they were right, even if a bas koal would resonate from Heaven ordering that secular studies be taught G"F - it wouldn't help protect them from all the curses that Rabbi Nussun proscribed in Likutay Tefeeloas to anyone who does so, and today B"H many, possibly thousands, say these prayers, some tearfully, many in holy places - so a person who enters to do such a thing is inviting great calamity on themselves R.L..]

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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