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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ramchal - the entire Torah


In honor of the 4 and 1/2 new sets of Ramchal which were donated to his holy tomb - an amazing first in history B"H - and to encourage you to donate quickly for the remaining sets which urgently need to instated. Each set is 8 volumes, each volume is apx. $15.

In the letters of the Ramchal replies to a challenge claiming that G"F his awesome revelations of the Torah are G"F from the realm of evil, for our Sages reveal that in the exile, due to our sins the secrets of the Torah have been given over to the realm of evil. The Ramchal first asserts that G"F to even consider that the realm of evil became the masters of the secrets of the Torah etc. - this is not for this post, maybe another time. The Ramchal further asserts that even if one would entertain the thought that G"F realm of evil had some jurisdiction over some of the secrets of the Torah G"F, it would be impossible for the realm of evil to have control over the entire Torah, G"F, that would be utter heresy, to say that G"F all of the Torah was under the control of evil. So the Ramchal says, that being that he has been granted from heaven an angel that must reveal to him anything he desires in the entire Torah, with absolutely no restriction, obviously this can only be from a holy source.

This is reminiscent of the story of how Rabbainu came to reveal his Sefer Hameedos ("Character") - this is how I published the story at the end of the introduction to the book (available now on Amazon for $35- there are also a few copies still available for free B"H - we can really use a new publication - about $4,500 for 2,000 books):

The story of how Sefer Hameedos ["Character] came to be revealed:
There was a follower of Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Dov Chailis, who gave up a respected Rabbinic post in order to give himself entirely to the path of Breslov. He came to live near Rabbi Nachman, and merited to come before him daily. He would relate stories and Torah teachings from ancient books, and Rabbi Nachman would occasionally lift up his hand and declare that a particular teaching truly emanated from Divine Inspiration.

One time, Rabbi Dov told Rabbi Nachman a story about a certain head of a yeshiva who married his daughter to one of the students, who was a superlative scholar. He studied day and night, and spent his nights in the study hall. A Torah Maggid from Heaven began to come to him, and would study with him the whole night. However, this Maggid was from the forces of evil, not from a holy source (for apparently the student had stumbled in some sin, through which the Other Side gained power over him). The student did not tell anyone about this, and was not aware that the Maggid was from the forces of evil.

One time, the Maggid began to tempt the student to have relations with his wife during her period of impurity. He proved to him that it was the will of Heaven, and that through this; his wife would conceive the soul of the Mashiach. The student believed him, and began to speak to his wife to convince her of this. He told her of the Maggid that had come to him from Heaven and commanded this, for it was the will of Heaven. However, his wife had great fear of Heaven, and said she would ask her father first, and did so. Her father was very shocked by this, for he perceived that the Maggid was from the forces of evil.

He immediately summoned his son-in-law, and said, "Know that this Maggid is from the forces of evil. The sign is that a Maggid from the Side of Holiness has the whole alphabet written on his forehead, and the letters of the four-letter Name of God are illuminated. However, while a Maggid from the forces of evil also has the alphabet inscribed, the letters of the Name are not illuminated. So when the Maggid comes to you, you see that the letters of the Name on his forehead are not illuminated, and you will know that he is from the forces of evil. Beware of him, for he will try to harm you. I will give you amulets to protect you."

That night, the Maggid came to him, and when the student saw that the letters of the Name on his forehead were not illuminated, he knew that he was from the forces of evil, and followed his father-in-law's instruction and was saved from him.

When Rabbi Nachman heard this story, he was very excited, and said to Rabbi Dov, "But with me, thank God, all the letters of the alphabet are illuminated!" Immediately after this, he transmitted his alphabetical Book of Traits to be transcribed

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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