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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thank G-d we are Nanach!


In a small little town they received the dreadful news that the Nazis ys"v  where rapidly and imminently approaching. The Rabbi gathered the whole town in the little synagogue and prepared them for the inevitable. His main message to them was that they should be super grateful to HY for the choice of their roles as the victims and not G-F the perpetrator!

The entire universe was created to manifest the Unity of Hashem Yisburach, and the Ramchal revealed how this works, that Hashem Yisburach gives the allowance of the greatest outbreak of evil possible in order to show that ultimately evil not only cannot prevail, but it itself is a vehicle and vessel for the good. [The famous question, can G-d create a rock that He cannot lift? The Ramchal answers: Evil is that rock - G-d gave it room in His creation to seemingly be bigger than He can lift, so that ultimately there will be a very clear resolution and manifestation that there is absolutely nothing that can compromise HY's unity].

Being that this is the case - that evil must be given allowance to run its gambit - we can only be - and we must be - extremely thankful that we are on the good side watching it, even suffering from it G"F, and not G"F perpetrating it.

The truth is even deeper, because especially amongst  the Jews, we see very precious souls who for some reason do not merit to make it all the way. E.g. look at how Saba Yisroel was living in Tiverya receiving a stipend from the Kollel a tenth of the meager salary everyone else got. These people were not evil, they were full of Torah and mitzvos, they were full of gemeellas chasudim (acts of kindness). Saba says explicitly that even though they strongly opposed his being Breslov, and made his life more than miserable for this, even still they still had a very strong friendship with him. They simply did not merit to see out of their narrow moachin dikatnus (small consciousness), and it could very well be, that this itself was for Saba's benefit, so that he can merit the merit of perseverance and other merits that controversy breeds, like growth. Rabbainu says that the Tzadik prefers to reject the shefa (bounty) of the physical and external in favor of the spiritual and internal - the real stuff, and in this way all the huge physical-external bounty which was appropriated for the tzaddik gets passed on to his surroundings. So all the antagonists of Saba, were living off of Saba's shefa, and refusing to share it with him, and what a blessing that was for Saba, that Hashem Yisburach chose him to be on the good side and not G-d the otherway around.

B"H today, as always, the Torah testifies - "you are the minority of all the nations - and for this G-d chose you". In this stage of the Divine plan only a minority can be on the good side, and B"H we are the Nanach, and not on the other side, not with the complete heretic G"F, and not with moralists, liberals etc. etc. not even with the regular upright Jews who are simply stuck in the small confines of their myopic attitudes and programmed observance. It is upon us to pray for them and do what ever we can for them to see them develop, grow up, and mature into true vindicators of Hashem Yisburach's will, fortunate are we that this is our role and not G-d the opposite.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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